The guiding vision of POWER MOBILE MARKETING is “Bringing the best to everything we touch”. By “the best” I mean the best products, the best people and the best ideas as well as delivering the best business experience possible. Our friendly
 knowledgeable staff will help educate, problem solve and inspire customers.

Welcome to POWER MOBILE MARKETING and thanks for stopping by! This is the hottest place on the net because this is where you can have online video commercials launched for your business and you can also have an iPhone & Android Smartphone apps created for your company as well.

Now you can easily deploy your own “multichannel marketing” campaigns for your business by using online video and Smartphone apps both of which are powerful marketing tools. These are two of the hottest marketing methods and  POWER MOBILE MARKETING enables you to use them to acquire new customers right now and both can be made even better when they are used in conjunction with one another!

So whenever & wherever you like your 0:15 & 0:30 second online video commercials can be deployed across thousands of websites and also mobile marketing campaigns can be deployed as well on a Smartphone with your newly created app from POWER MOBILE MARKETING.

Our approach and philosophy is simply to blend each of these powerful marketing tools. They are excellent methods to grow your business and both provide you with detailed analytics invaluable in your decision making process.

POWER MOBILE MARKETING fully manages the video deployment campaigns and mobile apps. We provide you with tools to explode onto the scene and greatly enhance your online and mobile presence.

Call TODAY and we can arrange an online demo and get started.

Mobile marketing is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented.
The New York Times